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The Files

Nail Files Display

We are pleased to offer a new addition to our product line: The Original Handcrafted Art-Glass Nail File. These upscale gorgeous files are made of the finest tempered glass and are remarkably sturdy and shatterproof. Each art-glass file has a permanently-etched finish for durability, is embellished with a handcrafted dichroic glass bead, and comes in a suede sheath. With reasonable care, they can last a lifetime.


Our Art-Glass Nail Files make colorful and exotic displays that arouse curiosity, have repeat sales potential, and are true examples of form and function. They are an excellent gift choice that will both surprise and delight even the most discriminate recipient. Their showpiece attributes coupled with usability makes them also a desirable personal purchase.

Key Selling Points
  • Consistent and Repeat Sales[+]
    Our retailers tell us the Handcrafted Art-Glass Nail Files are a proven sales product even when nothing else is selling in their stores. These files make a great pick-up item which generates multiple and repeat sales.
  • Strengthens Natural Nails[+]
    With regular use, natural nails can become stronger and resistant to chipping and/or breakage. The Handcrafted Art-Glass Nail File does not disrupt or tear the nail the way metal files, emery boards, and inexpensive glass files do. As a result, nails become healthy, smooth, and free of rough edges that can catch on your clothing. The art-glass file smoothes the nail so well that there is no need to use additional tools.
  • Quality and Value[+]
    Unlike our files, inexpensive imitation glass files have a rough surface that is sprayed on, rather than permanently etched into the glass. Therefore they will wear down and can be easily broken. They show significant wear after only a few uses, almost as much as an emery board. The inexpensive files work poorly on nails and calluses, leaving nails and skin rough and torn. The debris left on the file after use is hard to rinse out, making those files impossible to clean. In contrast, our files have permanently-etched rough surfaces that withstand continual use, keep delicate nails and skin smooth, and are easy to clean.
  • Suitable for Artificial Nails[+]
    These art-glass files work equally well on artificial and natural nails.
  • Airline-Friendly[+]
    These files are permitted on airplanes in your carry-on bag, which is a real benefit to travelers whose metal files have been confiscated by security screeners.
  • Sturdy and Durable[+]
    Made with tempered glass, they will not shatter. With reasonable use, these files will last a lifetime. As with any glass object, dropping them on concrete, tile, or allowing to roam free in a handbag can increase the risk of breakage; however they are far from fragile.
  • Effective for Foot Care[+]
    The Art-Glass Nail File remove callouses without tearing or cutting the foot, as is a risk with razors, scissors, or pumice stones.
  • Easy to Clean[+]
    These files can be cleaned by washing under a faucet, or for professional use, can be sterilized with heat, liquid, or UVB light.
  • Safe for Diabetics[+]
    The Art-Glass Nail Files are safe and therefore better for diabetic use as they do not cut or tear the skin as can a traditional metal instrument. Diabetics can feel comfortable and safe knowing these implements do not pose a potentially dangerous health risk.
  • Professional[+]
    In addition to personal use, the Art-Glass Nail Files are also perfect for professional salons, spas, and dog groomers (as well as dog owners).
  • Environmentally-Friendly[+]
    Traditional nail files wear out quickly and are disposable like their packaging. However, our natural art-glass nail files go green: not only can they last a lifetime, but their manufacture is environmentally sound.
  • Makes a Great Gift or Personal Treat[+]
    The Art-Glass Nail File is a great gift idea for friends and family and a wonderful way to pamper yourself. The file is also a delightful way to introduce proper nail care to youngsters.

The Original Handcrafted
Art-Glass Nail File
comes in assorted colors
and three sizes

3.5 inches long
Perfect for evening handbags
as well as regular handbags

5.5 inches long
Perfect for the every day handbag,
home or office

7.5 inches long
Excellent for foot care

Retailers: Contact us for wholesale prices.

The Artist

Oregon artist Ellyn Ford has been creating art for most of her life. Initially finding it difficult to support herself through art alone, she established a career in marketing which later served in building a workable dream: to establish a business that could bring her art to the marketplace. As Eye for the Find's CEO, Ellyn is a savvy business person and extraordinary artist. Constance Kay is pleased and proud to be representing the amazing Handcrafted Art-Glass Nail Files by Ellyn Ford. Retailers around the country are reporting brisk sales of the files resulting in steady reorders.