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Copyright © John Smith, All Rights Reserved.
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Copyright © John Smith, All Rights Reserved.
After 30+ years of bringing the finest collection of handmade artcards to the market, we are continuing to evolve and adapt to the times. We know we have committed followers out there and we are reaching out in different ways:
  • All of our 10,000+ styles will be available to view in a digital format. It is not our intention to make them all available on a giant web site. But we will be able to send our network of valued retailers selections based upon their interests and needs. We do this now with many of our international accounts.
  • We will continue and increase our digital mailings to address the various occasions and holidays, as well as to introduce new artists and new styles.
  • If your preference is still to “touch and feel” the cards in order to more fully appreciate textures and colors, you can do that here in NYC. We will be here in the Showroom at our Brownstone on the Upper East Side. Note that we will be here before during and after NY Now (Gift Show) that runs August 12—15. We will be available by appointment. Just contact us at 646-486-3250 or via Email. We will look forward to seeing you.
  • David Portell can help you if you prefer to work online by reaching him at Extension 22.